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Essential – Branding Guidelines


Essential | These guidelines are compact and clear and contain all the essential parts for a rock-solid brand. These branding guidelines for designers is a series of 19 fully customizable pages for Adobe Indesign.

Our clean Branding Guidelines template allows you to simply add your logo, images and edit your brand colors and typography and you’re good to go. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

How do I use it? Open the clean branding guidelines template in Adobe InDesign and replace the content with your own. Save it as a pdf and email it to the client. This template includes Paragraph Styles this makes it easy to adjust all font style customizations at once to, for example, a different font.

What can I customize? You can move, edit or change all the elements in our templates. The colors are fully editable so you can change the palette to suit your need. Like all Typefool templates, it’s fully editable, utilizing character, paragraph and object styles for easy font-style customizations too.

Do the templates include the photographs and typography? Yes, the photographs are for illustrative purposes and are from the free stock site www.unsplash.com & the typography is a free typeface and included in the download aswel.